An effective minimally invasive management strategy for knee osteoarthritis is genicular nerve radiofrequency. During this procedure, the nerves that often cause knee pain are heated with a radiofrequency electrode. The small nerves are cauterized to block painful signals from the knee. Patients often have significant relief and improvements in function following the procedure. To determine if the patient is a candidate for this procedure, diagnostic blocks will be performed initially.

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Treatment Algorithm

Prognostic Block #1

  • Local anesthetic is used to numb the joint and accurately determine the degree of pain relief expected from the procedure
  • Patient is instructed to do activities that normally increase pain
  • Our office will call you the following day to record your degree of pain relief for the first 8 hours following the block
  • Adequate pain relief = move forward to the second block

Genicular RFA

  • Special needle gently guided to same area as the blocks
  • Motor and sensory testing conducted to ensure safe and accurate needle placement
  • Tip of the needle emits radiofrequency energy to heat the nerve and stop the conduction of pain signals to the brain

Healing Process

  • Possible increased pain for 2-4 weeks
  • Feeling of sunburn with possible redness of skin
  • Maximum pain relief may take a few weeks due to natural healing process
  • Pain relief expected to last approx. one year

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