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Over the past 30 years, SpinalCordStimulation (SCS) has greatly changed in the way that pain is managed. SCS involves the delivery of pulsed electric signals near the spinalcord to reduce and control pain. Spinal Cord Stimulation is a clinically effective method to manage chronic pain resulting from such conditions as postlaminectomypainsyndrome(pain after previous neck or back surgery), complex regional pain syndrome, and peripheral neuropathicpain. Since its introduction, major improvements and discoveries have helped us understand how SCS works, for which condition it is beneficial, and the optimal equipment design.

One major advancement has been the development of high frequency 10 kilohertz (HF10) therapy which provides pain control without the tingling and buzzing feelings known as paresthesias. Traditional SCS therapy works on a paresthesia based platform. High Frequency-10 stimulation deliver electrical stimulation at 10 kilohertz, which modifies the nerves delivering pain signals without the tingling sensation felt with traditional stimulation. Many patient prefer paresthesia free stimulation. HF10 therapy has been shown to be very effective for chronic back and leg pain. A study by Al-Kaisy et al. showed that 88% of patients who underwent a HF-10 trial had significant reductions in pain scores and underwent permanent implantations. Another study by Kapural et al. concluded that HF10 therapy was also found to be highly clinically effective in the treatment of chronic back and leg pain and that 78.7% of patients were responders for leg and back pain (> 50% pain relief) at 12 months. Like other methods of SCS therapy, HF-10 therapy provides the opportunity for patients to undergo a trial for the system in order to assess whether HF10 is a viable option for managing your specific pain prior to undergoing the implantation stage.


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