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Dr. David Provenzano, a leading expert in Pittsburgh, PA and throughout the nation for treating patients who suffer daily from pain, uses advanced diagnostic techniques to assess the source of the pain and develop a comprehensive and safe treatment approach that can significantly reduce your pain.

Dr. Provenzano's vision is to help detect and treat the source of pain as early as possible to improve outcomes – and also to break the cycle of recurring pain and restore your comfort level so you can return to participating in the activities that you enjoy. Bringing vast research knowledge to every patient treatment plan is one of Dr. Provenzano's key components to patient care.

Dr. Provenzano was also recently recognized as one of America's Most Compassionate Doctors by Patient's Choice. Click here to learn more.

Compression Fractures
Compression fractures occur when a vertebra (back bone) collapses in height. There are between 550,000 and 700,000 cases annually and is the most common type of spinal fracture, usually a result of osteoporosis or weakening bones. Our practice views compression fractures as an important pain condition and we'll work with you to develop a personal pain management plan that may include medication management and possible minimally invasive therapies, including kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.  

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